Step it Up with Macclesfield Rugby’s finest the Estelle Lilly Band

31st July 2012

Those of you lucky enough to have taken part in this year’s annual charity Boobs vs Balls touch rugby match, or to have attended the after-game party at the end of June will probably have some very fond recollections and maybe a thick head too. But, we’re sure you’ll all agree that the events were a great success for Macclesfield Rugby Club and Priory Park and helped to raise a considerable amount of money for the three chosen charities: the Prostate Cancer Charity, the Breast Cancer Campaign and the East Cheshire Hospice. The match, the after-game party event and the charity calendar was kindly sponsored by the Estelle Lilly Band. Estelle’s band has a long and personal association with the Club: not only did her band perform at the party after the match, but her husband, Chris Gleave, also plays for Macclesfield’s Thirds.

Well, now that time has passed and you’ve probably had a chance to rehydrate your systems, we’re pleased to announce that you can now hear the Estelle Lilly Band whenever you like. Estelle Lilly has just released her first single. ‘Step it Up’. The track is available on iTunes now, and the Club think it would be a great gesture if all the fans can get behind the band by purchasing the track. It’s also worth noting that if you’re looking for live music for any event that you may be running in and around the area, then the band are more than up to the challenge. If you want a party, then the Estelle Lilly Band certainly knows how to party.

What makes the band so special isn’t just that this is live music at its best; it’s also their extensive repertoire. There are many bands out there churning out covers, but few of them have such a range of material as the Estelle Lilly Band. They cover a diverse range of artists from Rihanna, Jessie J, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga to Sister Sledge, the Jacksons and everything in between. You can also throw into the mix the likes of Motown, Robbie Williams, the Kings of Leon and virtually anything else you may fancy. Perhaps they might draw the line at Hawkwind or Motorhead, but you can never rule anything out.  What you’ll get is certainly eclectic, but it’s definitely fantastic. So, if you’re looking for an unbeatable dance floor-filling night to remember, then the Estelle Lilly Band is the band for you.