Five points is the target every week at this early stage

12th September 2013

The Blues travel to Sheffield this weekend to take on the Tigers in the second game of the league season. Captain Tom Eaton says it’s all about picking up as many points as you can, as quickly as you can.

“5 points is the target every week at this early stage,” explained Eaton.

Macc got off to a great start to the season last weekend against Darlington MP with a convincing victory, but Eaton says whilst the players are in a buoyant mood, they are not getting carried away.

“The mood is confident as we know when we get things right, as we did for 20 minutes (against DMP), we can be good.”

“We had a great start to game last week but we are all aware that we were poor in some areas and there is plenty to work on,” he revealed.

Sheffield Tigers lost their opening game of the season, going down 16 – 3 to Preston Grasshoppers. Eaton say that he does take an interest in how the other teams in the league are doing, but says that paying too much attention can be a risky tactic.

“Yes I do take an interest in other teams, and try to read into what you can from reports and things but it’s always difficult, as you never know who has written it.

“So it’s best to just focus on what you can control – yourselves,” added Eaton.

As is the way in sport, when you’re on a winning streak it’s important to keep that momentum going. That is exactly what the captain orders this weekend and explained what he wants from his team.

“Improving the areas we’ve targeted is what is required this weekend and if we achieve this I’m sure we will be rewarded.

“Control set piece and possession, defend well, score 4 tries or more and I will be happy.”