5 Points is the Only Option

31st March 2014

Blues captain Tom Eaton scored his first try of the season to help Macclesfield on their way to their second successive bonus point win. Their 29-47 win away to Caldy means they remain top of National Two North. The Blues’ promotion rivals Stourbridge and Darlington Mowden Park faced each other this weekend, Stourbridge the victors 14-5. Tom gave us his thoughts on the game.

What did you make of the game against Caldy?

 “It was a bit of déjà vu, us dominating and looking great for periods, us blowing easy opportunities, and letting the opposition in for soft scores! It’s something we need to put right, when we do we will seriously destroy someone. We are certainly aspiring to and hopefully will put that perfect 80 min performance in before the season ends.”

How did it feel to get your first try of the season?

“Only benefit of me scoring is to shut up the banter I get from the lads! Sounds cliché but honestly get more satisfaction from seeing the team perform and couldn’t care less if I score tries or not. I was more satisfied with the 3 assists I got for Ed Stobart’s hat trick last week. I nearly forgot what to do when I got over the line it had been that long!

With the Caldy game seen as a bit of a rivalry, how good was it to get that bonus point win?

“It’s always nice to beat a rival. They are a great club who fly the flag for Cheshire very well and I hope we can continue having good relationship with them in promoting rugby in this region in the future.”

What do you make of the Stourbridge v Darlington Mowden Park result?

“Stour v DMP result was interesting and certainly will impact the final standings at the end of the season. Funnily enough though I don’t think it changes much for us, we will still need results in all of our final games. I think the last game at Darlington Mowden Park will be as tough despite that result it certainly one we are all looking forward to.”

Luctonians next week, is the target five points again?

“Luctonians next week is all we will be focussing on for now. 5 points is the only option and we will be doing everything we can to ensure that’s what we get.”