Boot Camp

4th April 2014

Are you bored of the gym -same old routine, same old equipment, same old music on the MP3 player, same old quick nods of recognition at your fellow gym goers?  Fancy something different?   Why not try Cheshire’s Premier Boot Camp where fitness and fun combine to create the ultimate outdoor fitness experience?

boot-campDispel the stereotypical myths of what Boot Camp may evoke- we are re-launching Cheshire’s Premier Boot Camp where there is no khaki insight, no being yelled at (just some strong encouragement!) and all are welcome, no matter what your level of current fitness.  The only similarity Cheshire’s Premier Boot Camp has to any form of military training is that it occurs outdoors and trains groups of people promoting camaraderie and hopefully friendship.

Whether you prefer to train first thing in the morning, straight after the school run, straight after work, or even over the weekend, the three vastly experienced instructors here at the home of Macclesfield Rugby Club are ready for you, with battle ropes, tractor tyres, power bags and much, much more to hand, you will have access to the most exclusive, exciting and challenging fitness equipment ever seen in an outdoor fitness class. No session is ever the same and its amazing how many different ways we can conjure up to use a piece of equipment!

Participants are all working towards one goal but this can be achieved at their own pace and by working in small teams or pairs- it’s amazing how the team work motivates you to push yourself that little bit extra.

What people have been saying about the sessions…

  • “Brilliant boot camp with fab overall workout will definitely be signing up for more!”
  • “Thanks for a great session this morning– really enjoyed it”
  • “Was awesome, something so different. Looking forward to the next one now”
  • “Great session, a lot of fun!!”
  • “A true full body work out- I thought I was pretty fit, but I’m aching in places I never knew about now!”

Sessions are either for 45 minutes or 60 minutes and what makes it so great, it’s perfect for everyone of all fitness levels and everyone over 16, and what makes it even greater, it only costs £5.99 per person per session. 

So if you are ready to make a commitment to improving your fitness or to losing weight, this is the perfect way to get started, so what are you waiting for, sign up to Cheshire’s Premier Boot camp today.

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Please note that class bookings can only be made online