Macclesfield Colts 11-10 Newcastle Colts

3rd November 2014

The Colts snatched victory over Newcastle with a last play penalty conversion from full back Ollie Aston, after the Blues’ pack had harried the opposition into a crucial mistake. Man of the Match Tom Leicester ably orchestrated the backs and put in a solid defensive stint of his own from fly half. Ollie opened the scoring with his first penalty after five minutes.Doug Swallow burrowed his way over the line at the end of the first half to give the home side an 8 point lead at the break. Newcastle came back into the game with two unconverted tries, but a scrum against the head and ferocious rucking by George Williams and Josh Hunt presented Ollie with the chance for the winning place kick.


Man of the Match – Tom Leicester

The pack fronted up against a muscular Newcastle pack, rucking well, particularly in the first half, with George W smashing the breakdown and Rob snaffling possession in the tackle area. Ollie converted the first kickable penalty chance that came the Blues’ way after five minutes. The opposition centre got the ball ripped off him by Tom and dumped by Charlie in the tackle, giving Newcastle the hint that they wouldn’t have it all their way. A defensive stint in the corner kept Newcastle out for the middle part of the half. Clearance kicks by Aled and Tom kept the opposition at bay. Mike and Stubbsy both broke out of their half, sprinting down the left wing, Mike getting stopped ten metres short of the line. Lewis nicked the ball at a lineout, setting a move in motion down the right wing involving Callum and the forwards. Doug then burrowed over the line for the score.

The Blues dropped the ferocity at the rucks in the second half, letting Newcastle back in for an unconverted try. Matt covered in defence with a useful left footed clearance kick. George H made one of the few breaks into the opposition twenty two, until Newcastle take the lead with seven minutes left on the clock. This galvanises the Blues as they start to make in-roads into opposition territory. A big effort by the pack wins a scrum against the head followed by Josh and George driving a ruck forward, until Newcastle infringe, giving Ollie a shot at goal from the subsequent penalty. Ollie stepped up and booted the ball between the posts leaving no time left for the opposition to reply.

Squad: (1) George Williams (2) Rob Davies (3) Joe Stubbs (4) Doug Swallow (5) Matt Price (6) George Hodkinson (7) Callum Wright (8) Sam Black (9) Harry Grant (10) Tom Leicester (11) Mike Green (12) Charlie Davies (13) Callum Davies (14) Aled Williams (15) Ollie Aston (16) Lewis Pierce (17) Josh Hunt (18) Alex Soltau (19) Adam Russ (20) Ollie Muir (21) Lewis Jones

First Half
Macclesfield Colts:
Penalty: Ollie Aston (15) – 5m, Try: Doug Swallow (4) – 32m

Second Half
Macclesfield Colts:
Penalty: Ollie Aston (15) – 37m

Try: (1) – 7m, Try: (14) – 28m