Mini and Junior 500 Club Mega Bonanza Christmas 2017 Prize Draw

29th December 2017

A total of £825 given out in prizes and around £2,500 in the bank for the DIRECT benefit of the Mini and Juniors. Lucky winners below – however before you read those that have won – if you’re not expecting to be on this list you can be next year (and every month) simply by filling in this DIRECT DEBIT form and returning to the Club FAO Rob Oliver. No limit on the number of tickets, from £1.00 per month upwards…..

Without NEW members the 500 club will end. The 500 club has already purchased the equipment container, kit bags, coaches jackets (with the club), training equipment (new for 2018 to be revealed soon), banner on the clubhouse, equipment and kit for age groups.

PLEASE consider joining – do it NOW before you forget!


£150 Julie Sleath
£125 Andy Axton
£100 Andrew Bradshaw
£100 Clare Warr
£75 Dave Marchington
£75 Tristan Wood
£50 Paul Mason
£50 Mavis Conroy
£50 Graham Eddie
£50 Susan Hurst