6th July 2018

On Saturday 12th Macclesfield Under 7s coaches and parents took part in the Born survivor 10km military assault course held at Capesthorne Hall and completed it in just under 2 hours with all limbs still attached.  

The event started off with a decent warm up session and some inspiring words then we headed off.  It isn’t a timed event, but it was clear this hadn’t put many people off, with around 2500 people taking part, many of these were in groups, team tops and many charities.  It wasn’t long before we were onto our stomachs and crawling under some barbed wire, we soon noticed some people in the distance…. They were muddy… very muddy.  We knew we were in for a treat soon!  This treat was the “Fire trench” a very muddy cage crawl, swiftly followed by the Somme, some of the muddiest pits I have ever seen!

We soon got a chance to clean off a bit, with Born Survivors slightly different take on a slide – Drop Zone Alpha, a quick climb up to a platform and then a short slide into a vertical drop into water! Not seeing where you would land from the edge of the slide certainly added to the excitement plus trying not to throw up as the disgusting water went up my nose!!

There was an excellent mix of big obstacles, like the walls, the Blitz & slide, some of the traditional obstacles such as under/over poles but also the soul destroying obstacles like the 39 steps…..it’s one of the obstacles that when you get there you think “that’s not so hard” but half way through it’s become “will this never end?!?!”

After 10Km The final straight was the big walls, a final long barbed wire crawl –then the rings & bar, muddy hands didn’t help here, I think we stayed on for a fraction of a second!!

It was such a good experience and something I would definitely do again next year (surprisingly)

We have managed to raise £1061 for the Wooden spoon charity so thank you again!!!