Sponsorship & Advertising

Website Advertising

The Rugby Club website has on average over 10,000 visitors a month, of which 75% are local supporters. This is predominately an adult AB audience within a 20 minute drive time of Macclesfield.

Home Page

Large Solus Sky Scraper Ad 656 x 220 £70 per month

Other Pages 600 x 120 Sky Scraper Ads £40 per month

Business Listing £200 per year

A Business Listing Page allows for 800 words, 3 images and up to 5 links.

Banner Ads £100 per year

The Banner Ads consist of your company logo that scrolls on every page of the website – linking back to your own website.

Sponsorship and other advertising opportunities

If you require any further information or wish to discuss an opportunity then please David Wilkinson on: 07836 558474 or email: david@maccrugby.co.uk