A Mini is spotted for the first time

In this case, not the famous small car but a number of small rugby players. Every Sunday morning during
November 1971 over 70 Primary School aged boys converged on Tytherington to learn the rudiments of
the game of rugby, this was Mini-Rugby. This form of rugby was introduced by the RFU to try to expand
the game beyond the traditional private and grammar schools. Macclesfield was one of the very first
North West clubs to introduce Mini-Rugby, so-called because of the size of the players not the size of the
pitch. Dai Jones, first team coach and Kings School teacher, supervised the game’s introduction to
Macclesfield and was assisted by a number of other Kings masters. At the outset, it was targeted at
teaching the rudiments of the game to young boys but fairly quickly plans were formulated to extend the
sessions into a weekly programme of games and training.