The first Annual Meeting, at which the rules of the Club were formulated, was held on 9th May, 1927, at the Y.M.C A., with the President in the chair supported by the Rev. W S. Coad, Dr. Proudfoot and Dr. A. C. Gillies when, for the ensuing year, Rev. W. S. Coad, F. Hermann, E H Leah, J A Lees, W. J. Siggins and W.E.Whiston were elected to the Executive Committee.

Interestingly an Extraordinary General Meting (EGM) was called after the second AGM, a copy of the notice hangs in the clubhouse, see below.

We have no background to this meeting but the two items were formalization of the Rules and responsibilities of the Committee and significantly a call for increased player subscriptions and a levy on unpaid subscriptions. Were players always dilatory about paying their subscriptions, has the Club always struggled to make ends meet, probably!