Macclesfield Choose Cheshire XV?

Well thats how it must have felt to Macclesfield supporters as the Cheshire team to play Yorkshire in the first game of the County Champiuonship contained no less than 12 Blues players.


O’Regan (Blues), Moorhouse (Blues), Elliot Brierley (Rotherham), Davenport (Blues), Stobart (Blues), Eaton (Blues), Mulchrone (Blues); Woods (Blues), Moss (Blues), Kent (Blues), Ralph (Stockport), Marwick (Stockport, Capt.), Keep (Sale FC), Parkinson (Blues), Attlee (Sale FC).

Replacements:Mantell (Blues), Cruse (Stockport), Owen (Blues), Higginson (Lymm), McKibben (Northwich), Townsend (Burnage), Barlow (Stockport).

As Keep was a former Blues player and Brierley, Marwick and Cruse would soon play for the Blues that total representation was 16 out of 22!