As April arrived so did another tradition of that time, the sevens season. On the 7th April 2 teams entered the prestigious Stoke sevens. They contained a heavy Kings School presence. The ‘A’ seven progressed to the quarterfinals before being beaten by Stoke A (the eventual winners). Later in the month this was followed by the Manchester sevens. From the qualifying competition Macclesfield emerged as qualifiers following wins over De La Salle and Tyldsley. In the finals with Barker, McInnes and Miller beginning to make their presence felt and Holland proving an adept linkman Macclesfield beat Warrington and New Brighton, eventually to lose to Wigan in the quarter finals. The season concluded with a sevens tournament at Tytherington in which 6 teams were present. The team containing Barker, McInnes, Holland duly secured the trophy.