The lst XV was a remarkably young side, the average age being about 21. The staff of the King’s School were strongly represented in J. S. Heap, W. S. Logan, S. R. Jones, the recognised “hooker ” for years, M. L. Harvey, a scrum-half who had the ability to throw the long pass accurately; and from the School XV : G. A. Frith, the ex-lst XV captain, and R. C. Fox, a 15 stone, 10 .5 sec. forward, who eventually became one of the best forwards in Cheshire. Ian Proctor was the greatest find, who was at Leeds University after a distinguished Rugger career at Ley’s School.

It was during it “the J. H. Wood era” that the Club entered the Crewe Seven-a-side Tournament, organised by the Crewe and Nantwich Club for three consecutive seasons. This feat was commemorated on a cigarette card produced by Ardath Tobacco. In the first year 12 clubs from five counties took part, including Chester, Wrexham, Bowdon, Stoke-on-Trent and Old Birkonians. Much to the surprise of the Club they defeated the crack Stoke-on- Trent team in the final after eliminating Winnington Park in the semi-final. The Stoke side consisted of six county players and an Oxford Blue.

The following year Macclesfield repeated their previous success and became the first side to win the tournament in successive years. In these two games it was R. C. Fox and I. R. Proctor who did nearly all the scoring. In the third encounter, in 1937-1938 season, hopes of ran high of being able to perform the “hat trick”, but such hopes were quickly deluded in the first round when the Club were in the lead and taking it “easy” against Wrexham who proceeded to score a snap try in the last minute of the game. Those who took part in these .’ games were :J. Hill, J. H. Wood, N. Williams, R. C, Fox, I. R. Proctor, R. J. Sutton, L. N. Corbishley, F. W. Ledgar, P. Growths, D. Eccleston, V. Bull, G. Stephens.

A. A. Arnold, another member of the King’s School staff, joined the Club and probably not since the days of W. J. Siggins had Macclesfield had such a versatile player. Full-back, three-quarter and forward were all within his scope.