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Macclesfield Rugby Club Under 7’s Page


 Macclesfield Rugby Club Under 7’s Page








It’s all about having fun while starting to learn the basic skills and core values of the game at Macclesfield Rugby Club Under 7’s: teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline & sportsmanship. Macclesfield Rugby Club Under 7’s have a vibrant squad of players and a fantastic very committed coaching team. We always look to do lots of extra social activities to build team spirit as well. We are always looking for new players and anyone interested should contact Amanda or Rick who’s details can be found on the left.


26th April Cheshire Festival (a Bowden)

 12th May 6pm UNDER 7’s TROPHY BASH

Manchester Match Report

Another fantastic all round display of attack and defence was exhibited by all Macc U7 teams away at Manchester. 
Organised aggressive defence was once again key to delivering great results, forcing turnovers which were quickly converted into scoring opportunities.  This was complimented by superb attack and support work. 
Some highlights included; Strong leadership and communication by Alfie, some great footwork by Harry (performance of the week) barn storming runs by Oliver Curwen (incentivised by a steady reward of sweets, and a week of sleeping on the floor – maybe we should try the same next week) and flying tags by Matthew. Tyler produced a stand out performance with superb attack and defence resulting in being awarded player of the week.

Stockport Away Match Report

The  coaches were all blown away today – not so much by the wind at a very blustery Stockport rugby club, but more by the awesome performances from the Macclesfield U7 teams. Everyone took on board what we practiced at the pre-match training, showing great commitment to an attacking defence which really put the Stockport teams under pressure. Performance of the week was awarded to Theo who was darting around the pitch taking some great tags and scoring some fantastic tries. Austin was well-deserving of the player of the week trophy for his all-round excellent display of leadership, super-fast defence and zig-zag runs into space that had the Stockport players wondering where he’d gone. 

Chester Away and Players of the Week 11th Jan

The first game of 2015 saw Macclesfield U7’s taking a long away trip to a cold Chester, with a total of 6 teams taking to the field.  Thanks to all players, parents and coaches for the commitment shown. Macc were greeted by a well organised Chester outfit that utilised a 20 minute version of the game.  Despite this different format the teams quickly adapted and got stuck in.

Report for the black team (Ben Ainsworth, Will Folkes, Cillian O’Brian and Will Oliver):

 The first game was an end to end close affair with neither side able to break the deadlock.  Despite Macc looking the stronger of the 2 teams in defence they went in at half time down by 2 tries due to some unforced errors.  Despite this they fought back and were in a winning position at the end of the half, but in a great attacking position they had the ball turned over leaving Chester in a position to draw the game 19 all. The second game saw Macc step up the pace with some great support and interlinking play and even better hounding defence which forced Chester into errors which ultimately resulted in Macc coming out in front by 2 tries.

Report for the burgundy team (Alfie Jennings, Finlay Foote, William Downes, Oscar Hancock):
The opening match was an absolutely fantastic display of attack and defence on the part of both teams. Everyone was committed in their running, tagging, supporting and listening to the referee. It was a true pleasure to watch, and the resulting 13-13 score was a just conclusion to a wonderful game. 
In the second game we were a man down, so Chester kindly lended us one of their players. Although the cold was starting to affect some of the players they stuck to the task in hand and we witnessed some great individual and team performances. One try of particular note was from Alfie who managed to pirouette at least 4 times on his way to the try line! Ultimately Macc came up 2 tries short (14-12), but should hold their heads high and be proud of the overall achievement. 
Report for Blue Team (Ethan, Theo, Oliver, Harry):
The opening game for the blues was a scrappy affair Macclesfield were good on the ball but defence was poor with little to no tagging. Harry was linking well with other players passing superbly. The lack of defence meant the scores remained even with one team scoring then the other. It was noticeable that concentration levels on this team were also poor. Half time came which gave Coach Rick the opportunity to highlight the defensive problems. In the second half the defence improved which also meant Macc ran out winners by 2 tries.
The second game was marred by some very dubious and poor referring which confused the Blue team there was also a small mud puddle in the middle of the pitch which was also a major distraction. Harry again stood out with some excellent passing, Oliver and Theo were now tagging well and Ethan was using his speed to good effect. The highlight of the game was Theo making a break then getting tagged Ethan came through at full speed calling for the ball Theo slipped a lovely pass to him with Ethan touching down. However the end result was still a loss. The blues can be a great team but it must be said that team struggle with concentration levels at times this needs to improve.
Oliver with Player of the Week Trophy

Oliver with Player of the Week Trophy

Harry with Performance of the Week trophy

Harry with Performance of the Week trophy


Lads v Mums/Dads and Players of the Week 21st Dec

A lot of fun was had at the annual xmas Parents v Lads day many thanks to all the parents who took part there was some fantastic skills on display (mainly from the lads!!)

Jack with Player of the Week Trophy

Jack with Player of the Week Trophy

Josh with Performance of the Week Trophy

Josh with Performance of the Week Trophy

IMAG0852_BURST002 IMAG0851 IMAG0848_BURST002 IMAG0846



Marple Away Match Report and Player of the week 14th Dec

It was another chilly day for rugby at Marple. After the disappointment of Altrincham last week we decided on a new policy of just taking the same amount of players as our opposition this meant two teams travelled. Only 2 games were played Mathew and  Austin were combining very well in there team. Jack , Ethan and Oscar played well in the other team overall we looked much more organised all round and they all played well. We comfortably won all the games and not one of the Macclesfield players complained about the cold!! Oscar was this weeks Man of the match for closing down and tagging from the re start’s putting pressure on there players. Excellent work Oscar.

Oscar with Player of the Week Trophy

Oscar with Player of the Week Trophy




Altrincham Away Match Report and Players of the Week 7th Dec

On the first particularly cold and miserable Sunday we’ve had so far this year it was off to Altrincham for Macclesfield Rugby Under 7’s. We took four teams of 5 or 6 players with us and on arrival found Altrincham had three teams. We quickly got some high energy training exercises going to keep all the lads warm while Altrincham organised themselves. Two games started fairly quickly and immediately Macclesfield looked to have the stronger teams Will Oliver was on fire showing some fantastic footwork despite the boggy conditions and Macclesfield’s defence was awesome with all players looking to relentlessly tag opponents this pressure lead to lots of turnovers which were converted into tries for Macclesfield . After what seemed like an age we finally managed to get a third game underway which followed a similar pattern to the other two in that Macclesfield’s pressure defence and attacking prowess were just to much for a very ragged Altrincham side who really weren’t up for it in the cold conditions. Dylan Reens had his best game yet scoring a great try and also doing some fantastic tagging. At the final whistle Altrincham informed us that that was it and that particular team had had enough and were calling it a day which left us with one team having not played at all. We quickly rallied round there other teams and luckily they managed to find four players who agreed to play one more game so at least all our teams had played. A great game ensued with both teams showing some superb skills it was very evenly matched until an Alty player got injured all there other players had gone so Austin Keogh agreed to play for them and probably just tipped the match in their favour with a couple of brilliant tries. All in all not the most enjoyable Sunday we’ve had but credit to all the Macclesfield Players who despite the awful conditions showed 100% commitment to play regardless.

William with his Player of the Week Trophy

William with his Player of the Week Trophy

Dylan with Performance of the Week Trophy

Dylan with Performance of the Week Trophy



Training 30th November Players of the Week

Another heavily defence/tagging focused training session again on Sunday at an overcast Priory Park. Macclesfield Under 7’s all worked very hard throughout the session and the coaches are looking forward to hopefully seeing a vast improvement in defence at this weeks game. It has been discussed that with so many games and not many training sessions it is proving difficult to work on improving player skills over the course of the year perhaps we need to add a mid week session to help watch this space…..

Stand out performances this week were from Olly Curwen who took home the Player of the Week Trophy and Theo Collins who took home the Performance of the Week. Well done to both.

Theo with Performance of the Week Trophy

Theo with Performance of the Week Trophy

Olly with Player of the Week Trophy

Olly with Player of the Week Trophy


Manchester Festival Match Report Oct 12th

Both teams at Manchester played extremely well! By far out shining some of the other clubs in their organisation and passing skills (well done Mike!) although we weren’t keeping score it did look as though we would have won or drawn all of our games.

Also I’d like to point out excellent behaviour from the boys off the pitch it was a long day for them and all were great in between games and very sporting as we had the chance to get an extra game in if we could lend a player to west park and all of the boys were happy to accommodate so we could get extra game time an all round great day and great support from the parents as well.

Special mention has to go to Austin who also picked up The Sportsman Ship Award for helping an opponent up off the floor after a collision. 

Austin with his Sportmanship Award

Austin with his Sportmanship Award

Manchester Festival Teams Ready for action

Manchester Festival Teams Ready for action

Flag Day Blues v Tynedale Report Oct 11th

What a fantastic turnout we had for our first official Macclesfield Rugby Club Under 7’s flag day. Massive thanks to all the parents for bringing the players down we hope you enjoyed the day as much as the lads did. Special mention to Alfie who was official mascot. The Blues started well against Tynedale but unfortunately no amount of extra support and enthusiastic flag waving from the Under 7’s could  prevent Macc eventually going down 24 – 60 to Tynedale.

Alfie with Blues Captain Michael Finnemore

Alfie with Blues Captain Michael Finnemore

Flag Waving

Flag Waving

Flag Waving

Flag Waving


Sale Sharks v London Welsh Game Visit  Report 20/9/2014

Wow what a day. As you are aware Macclesfield Rugby Under 7’s  had 10 places to go and watch Sale Sharks play London Welsh at the AJ BELL stadium. Sale scored very early in the game but London Welsh rallied and half time score was 15-3 to Sales advantage. Just before halftime we were called up to prepare to go on the pitch. Quick photo shoot under the posts with Sharky (Mascot) then it was time to play. It was amazing to see the 2 x teams on the pitch  totally unfazed by the 4,953 fans  in the ground and some good attack and defence skills were on display.  All too son it was time to finish and take our seats for the second half. Initially it was tightly contested but Sale got stronger and stronger and with three quick tries at the end final score was SALE SHARKS 46 London Welsh 8.

All concerned had a fantastic day and I can highly recommend the day out. We will be looking to do a similar thing in the near future to give those that missed out this time the opportunity. 

IMG_5311 IMG_5310 IMG_5284 IMG_5269 IMG_5331 



We are pleased to announce that Dan Sutton one of the coaches has now completed his Level 1 RFU course. This was completed over 3 days during the summer. The course covered:

  • Safely organise and supervise rugby union activities.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of & ability to coach:handling skills,tackling, contact & continuity, 5 „man- scrum,‟ and line-out throwing & support techniques.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of: player development, good coaching practice, coaching skills, health and safety, laws of the game of rugby union.
  • Identify and adapt rugby union activities and sessions for a variety of different age groups.

Dan has been passing on his knowledge to the other coaches and we hope to actually run two more coaches through the course later this year. This obviously demonstrates the coaching teams  desire/commitment to continue to train Macclesfield Rugby Under 7’s to the highest standard we can. As ever we hope you can see the improvements we are making and if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to talk to a coach after training.


As you already know all the coaches of the Macclesfield rugby Under 7’s are new to the roles.  We are all enthusiastic about teaching rugby but are also aware of the need to constantly improve our own coaching skills. On Monday night we all attended a “Start Coaching TAG Rugby” Course at MRUFC the aims of the course are below.

  • An understanding of how to deliver a safe and enjoyable practical session.
  • Knowledge of how to coach and improve skills through games.
  • An understanding of the application of a game-sense approach.
  • Knowledge of the rules of tag rugby.
  • The ability to apply of the rules of tag rugby (refereeing).

The course is run by the RFU and was a very enjoyable evening for all. It is very hands on with all the coaches actually taking part in a training session and games so we could try first hand what we are asking the lads to do. It was all very competitive and we got a massive amount from the course and gained lots of new idea’s for training and clarified some area’s that we were unsure of. We immediately put some of our new learning into play on Sunday and hope you continue to see improvements in the way we coach going forward. As ever if parents have any questions or concerns they can approach any of the coaches after a session.

Macclesfield Rugby CLUB KIT

The Macclesfield Rugby Kit is available from Surridge Sport and link to there website is below:



After Training/Games

It would be great to see a few more lads up in the Macclesfield Rugby clubhouse after training they get chance to continuing bonding in a more social environment. Its also a great opportunity for coaches and parents to chat as well. Coffee, Tea, hot chocolate and food are available and if that doesn’t persuade you the bar is also open!!! Hopefully the lads will soon be getting meal tickets on a regular basis as well.

Joining / Try the Game:

We are always looking for new players at the macclesfield rugby under 7’s, and happily welcome all. It would be great if current players could invite friends along to try it.  New starters wishing to try the game out are encouraged to come along to training on sundays at 10.15am on the  to the left of the clubhouse near the AstroTurf pitch. Its all about having fun while starting to learn the basic skills and core values of the game teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline & sportsmanship.

IMG_4246 IMG_4245 IMG_4237 IMG_4230 IMG_4210 IMG_4233 IMG_4235

More information on tag Rugby can be found at the links below:


Support our boys: Macclesfield Minis and Junior 500 club

The Mini & Junior Macclesfield rugby section is running a 500 club with proceeds spent on the Mini & Junior Section. This is a great way to support your club and stand a chance of winning a prize – a win, win!! Each ticket costs £1 per month (there is no Maximum amount of tickets you can buy), so for the cost of a pint of beer you can have 4 tickets and 4 chances to win every month.
The prizes are split as follow: 50% of the proceeds go to the Mini & Junior Section to be spent on the children and 50% of the proceeds as prizes. There are 4 monthly draw prizes made of 80% of the prize fund with the remaining 20% going towards a yearly accumulator. All you need to do is complete the attached Direct Debit form and hand it into Bev or Bill at the Rugby Club.

Download the Direct Debit Form


Player safety and expectations

Macclesfield rugby Under 7’s request all players must have a responsible adult present for all training and matches.

We are lucky to have such well-behaved lads overall. However, we want a fun, competitive and most importantly safe environment and will therefore be strict in our encouragement of boys to stop when the whistle blows, to listen/concentrate to coaches and to pay attention. Please reinforce this message on the way to the club on a Sunday morning.

Many thanks Amanda and the Team.

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