Ice Station Zebra

Greetings from Ice Station Zebra.

If you’ve not been down to Priory Park recently, then you’re in for a big surprise. The Big Chill promised by weather forecasters has arrived big time.You’d be hard pushed to view this as a pitch: it looks much more like the type of ice rink you get at Christmas markets. Torvill and Dean would definitely feel at home, no doubt, but we’re not sure the lads from Macclesfield Seconds will be quite as enthusiastic.

In spite of the forecast for further freezing weather over the next day or two, Macclesfield Rugby Club is still hopeful that the game against Vale of Lune will go ahead. We’re working round the clock to get the match on, though we’re not certain the Second team will appreciate it. Still, we’ll keep you posted, and will hopefully be able to confirm whether the game will go ahead in the next day or two. We’ll keep the kettle on just in case and buy in some extra Wintergreen for the lads. They’re made of tough stuff, so we’re sure the odd Arctic blast won’t deter them.  

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