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Macclesfield U7s shine against Lymm

Macclesfield U7s got their season off to a flying start when they played their first home game of the 2012-13 Season against a very well-drilled Lymm U7s side. Head Coach, Lee Birkett, was proud of his young charges and delighted with he what witnessed: not only did the young players put on a fantastic performance, but they also adapted seamlessly to the new RFU rules of play for the U7 age-category. The match on Sunday was the first time the players had performed under the new age-related rules, and they seemed to adapt well.

The new rules of play are being adopted by some, but not all clubs within the region, so it will inevitably take the players and the coaches some time to fully adjust to the changes. It should also be noted that that Macclesfield U7s will occasionally be fielding both 7-a-side and 4-a-side teams in future, depending on the opposition they are playing.

The main changes to the rules are;

  • Cheshire RFU has decided that we are to play under the new Mini Tag rules for our U7 age group, which is fielding teams of 4 aside.
  • The pitch size is to be reduced to 12 x 20m maximum.
  • The players are able to “knock-on” and the ball is to remain in play.
  • Players are no longer allowed to hand the ball to one another, and the ball must now pass through the air.
  • The referees are instructed to play advantage wherever possible.

Head Coach, Lee Birket’s, first impressions of the new rules were definitely positive:

“As the game is played with a fewer number of players, each child appeared to have more of a hand in their games, and more tries were scored than in a normal 7-a-side game. Overall, it was a much more involving game for all concerned.”  

“I would also like to give a special mention to a number of players who won Players of the Day medals and demonstrated how well they’re developing as young rugby players: Fenton Brey, Thomas Croker, Fraser Day, James Hartley, Billy Simpson and Jamie Wilby.”

“In addition to these medal recipients, 3 other players also deserve special mention: Oliver Davis and Billy Birkett who the coaches believe are both showing talent beyond their years, and Ethan Mason whose play is improving week on week. I am looking forward to seeing all of our Boys develop and we are really excited about the season ahead.”

“Can all parents and guardians please note that MRUFC has only been permitted 1 team of 7 to enter the Manchester Festival on the October 7.  As is customary with all clubs, we will be fielding our strongest side and I am sure you will all give 100 percent support to our boys in our first competition.”


"It's very humbling to score so many tries today, we had a few hard conversations in regards to how we want to play and I think it worked out for us!" Rohan Jense Van Rensburg is delighted with the result and having @SaleSharksRugby back to their best 💪 #HeinekenChampionsCup

IT'S CHAMPAIGN RUGBY 🍾 Lood de Jager with a backdoor offload, Jack Metcalf gets his first European try, and @SaleSharksRugby are having a ball out there 🤩 Even Alex Sanderson is dancing 💃 #HeinekenChampionsCup

Finally Tom Roebuck gets his football try 😅 After a couple of bites at the cherry the winger's footwork pays off to touch down @SaleSharksRugby's sixth try of the match 👏 #HeinekenChampionsCup

They have the lead!! 😲 Adrien Lapegue carves in and through Connacht to give 14 men @SFParisRugby the lead with less than 10 minutes to go! Incredible come-back 💪 #HeinekenChampionsCup

England Women have beaten Poland to finish seventh in Malaga. #Spain7s

test Twitter Media - England Women have beaten Poland to finish seventh in Malaga. 


You know you're in trouble when you see a wall of green shrits running towards you 😳 @connachtrugby work the ball across the line excellently once again, Conor Oliver and Jarrad Butler have a little one-two and make it look oh so easy 😌 #HeinekenChampionsCup

All the best to @ospreys' Sam Cross who's stretchered off after he seemed to twist his knee falling through a ruck. Hopefully a speedy recovery 🙏 #HeinekenChampionsCup

Hard fought, but it's defeat for England Men. They'll play Australia in the Bronze Final at 16:59. #Spain7s

test Twitter Media - Hard fought, but it's defeat for England Men.

They'll play Australia in the Bronze Final at 16:59.