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Meet the family: Macclesfield Rugby’s Management Team

Welcome to the first edition of a new feature where we’ll meet with up with members of Macclesfield Rugby’s management team. Some of you will already know or be familiar with many of the people who’ll appear on these pages over the coming months, but you may not necessarily know their back-story or how they came to be involved with this great club. Well, now’s your chance to find out. This column will hopefully help supporters put names to faces, so you’ll never in the future be asking the question – yes I know who that is, but what does he do? First up this month is Company Secretary, Tim Peakman. Here’s what he had to say when Macclesfield Rugby caught up with him this week.

What’s your background and what do you do for a living?

“My current role is I’m the deputy chief executive of an organisation called UK Biobank. This is essentially a very large, publicly-funded medical project, which looks at the causes of common diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. We’re funded by the government and by The Wellcome Trust, a private medical charity. I’m also chief executive of a service organisation which is part of the UK Biobank, which is set up to provide research services to academic studies, principally, but not exclusively in the UK.”

How did you become involved in rugby in general and in Macclesfield Rugby in particular?

“I got involved in rugby at school, like most people. I started playing when I was 11, which is obviously going back a bit, then progressed up the various levels. I retired from playing for all sorts of reasons, mainly a couple of bangs and a lack of time, but my passion for the game remained. When I moved up to this part of the world I wanted to find a good Club to get involved with and I’ve got young lads who were showing promise. So, even though we live a fair distance away from Macclesfield, it seemed the obvious place to come. I brought my lads down and met the dad of another lad playing in my oldest boy’s age group who was playing for the Vets. He encouraged me to start playing again which I did and really enjoyed it.”

“After that I just found myself getting more and more involved with the Club, and found that the more I did, the more I wanted to do. When I initially got involved with Pete Harper, [the current chairman] I offered my help and services for the Club to use in any way it thought might be useful. From there it just seemed to escalate as they thought I had some skills from my current role that might be useful.”

What sort of functions do you fulfil as Company Secretary of Macclesfield Rugby Club?   

“The main function revolves around supporting some of the management processes, by that I mean the simple things like just bringing a little professional management to some of the structures and processes, some of the documentation, contract management, document management, that sort of thing. I’m also involved in and responsible for delivering proper reporting of minutes, a proper process for governance for things like AGMs, committee meetings, financial AGMs, the reporting of budgets and those sorts of things.”

“Still, I wouldn’t want to give the impression that that’s my sole responsibility, but it is an important part of it. I’m a team member, and that’s very important too. I work in close co-operation with other management team members. For instance, Jeremy Bostock, the Director of Finance, is already doing fantastic things with the finance and financial control, and he’s supported in that by Clive Hammond. I see my role as supporting them amongst other things.”

“Because I’ve still got lads who play in the Minis and Juniors section, I’m also covering that portfolio as well. I try to liaise with the management of the Mini and Juniors section and am working to get them much more integrated into the Club. I’ve got the sense, and I think most of the Mini and Juniors management team would agree with this, that there’s almost been a bit of a separation between the two parts of the Club. There wasn’t any intent there: it just gradually happened over time, and you finished up with the situation where you had a Saturday Club and a Sunday Club, in which there was no direct connection between the two. What we want to do now is bring the two strands back together again. So I’m taking a lead on this from the committee side, but once again working very closely and in co-operation with Tony King, Head of the Mini and Junior Section.”             


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