Tarleton Colts 43 – 10 Macclesfield Colts

The Senior Colts had a tough introduction to this season’s campaign at the hands of Tarleton, not dealing with the ball before it bounced and being on the receiving end of some committed rucking. The scrum went well, and the lineout was dominated by Man of the Match Dan Sutton on both his own ball and the opposition’s. The first half was notable for breaks down the flanks by Charlie and Benji, but the only scoring chance was a penalty shot at goal.

Man of the Match - Dan Sutton
Man of the Match – Dan Sutton

The Blues hit their best patch in the first 15 minutes of the second half. Dan secured possession at a lineout on the opposition’s ten metre line. Tarleton were penalised for an infringement, before they could retreat the ten metres, Tom B tapped quickly feeding Crossy, who barrelled over for the score. Cam initiated the next try with a neat break though the midfield, Joe was in support to keep the move going, passing to Charlie whose little show was just enough to wrong-foot the last defender as he crossed the line. 

The Blues then let the game run away from them, getting isolated in the tackle and allowing Tarleton to create overlaps for further scores. 

The positive showing in the set piece needs to be built upon in training over the next days and weeks. The younger members of the squad relished their first taste of senior rugby, and as the squad gels, options in the game will improve, as there is certainly plenty of talent to exploit. 

Squad: (1) Ben Hadfield (2) Rob Davies (3) James Cross (4) James Brocklehurst (5) Dan Sutton (6) George Hodkinson (7) Charlie Davies (8) Tom Leicester (9) Will Gregory (10) Harley Aston (11) Lloyd Smith-Coates (12) Cameron McKay (13) Ben Foster (14) Benji Nicholls (15) Ollie Aston (16) Sam Black (17) Sean Hammond (18) Thomas Healey (19) Joe Wedgebury (20) Jonny Jones (21) Tom Bamberger (22) Sam Bancroft

First Half


Try: (14) – 23m, Try: (13) – 29m, Try: (8) – 31m, Conversion: (10)

Second Half

Macclesfield Colts:

Try: James Cross (3) – 5m, Try: Charlie Davies (7) – 14m


Try: (11) – 9m, Try: (11) – 20m, Conversion: (10), Try: (15) – 22m, Conversion: (10), Try: (2) – 26m, Conversion: (10)

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