Stobart brace ignites spark

Macclesfield winger Ed Stobart scored two tries to help his side through a tough encounter against Hull at the weekend.

The speedster’s first try was scored minutes into the second half and was a crucial one because it sparked the Blues into life and from then on it became a procession, but Stobart downplayed his contribution.

“It was really good to score two tries but the 5 points are more important,” insisted the winger.

The weather at the Ferens Ground was gloomy, which is the perfect way to describe a first half that saw just nine points scored. It was littered with errors from both sides meaning that Stobart saw very little of the ball out wide.

“It was a quiet first half for me the game was very scrappy.

“But I was trying to stay sharp as I new the opportunities would come my way,” he added.

The brace sees Stobart continue to climb up the try scoring table in National 2 North, he’s now scored 14 this season which leaves in second behind his teammate Ryan Parkinson.

“It’s not something I worry about to much, but I need to take my opportunities when they do come because, as winger, sometimes you get very few chances.

“But hopefully I can keep scoring until the end of the season the and help the team keep winning.”  

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