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David Marwick, has been an ever present in the Macclesfield pack over the past seasons but at the beginning of this year’s National One campaign he was appointed as a forwards coach. He has spoke about the change in attitude and approach he has had to make over the past months.

“In terms of the change of attitude, I have got to put a coach’s head on and think about the team as a whole but in terms of my personal job, it’s a good way of leading the players and making sure we are all focused and heading in the same direction.”

The 31 year old has been coaching unofficially over the last two or three years, leading and setting up the lineouts. Marwick admits he faced a few challenges when he first took on this official role.

“I felt there were a few challenges in pre-season because I wasn’t just working with the first team which I was used to over the last few years. I had to actually adapt my style because I was coaching the second and third team players as well so it was not all about a first team player who is national one standard and who will generally know how to do lineouts and other things. It is a lot more difficult because you have got to actually approach some people from the beginning but then also manage the first team players who know what they are doing well as well”.

The second row player has had a number of injuries in succession; the latest injury of Marwick’s is his medial ligament which he tore playing against Loughborough students. 

The lock forward has been stricken with injuries over the past months and has spent plenty of time on the treatment table and completing rehabilitation with the club’s medical staff.

“I tore my groin off the bone a last March which put me out for a good seven months and I managed to get playing again in September and played eight games. I’m now completing the rehab for my knee injury and it has gone really well, I was initially given a 12 week time period and I am on week five and have managed to get running again so we are hoping it is going to be two or three weeks before I am playing again”

This puts him four weeks ahead of his scheduled return and his routine of gym and the use of the hydrotherapy room and plunge pool everyday has helped his quick recovery and has allowed him to start straight running again

The rate of David’s recovery is quite staggering as he is three to four weeks ahead of schedule, he feels this is largely down the access he has had to a hydrotherapy suite. .

A couple of injuries in succession is difficult for any player to deal with but the forward believes the mental side of these injuries is not a problem for him.

“In terms of myself I am quite mentally strong; I have never really had a long term injury up until last March. Now I have had three on the bounce which is a bit of a shock to the system but in terms of mental strength I am still mad keen for it and I still miss it desperately when I am not playing”.

The Blues currently sit bottom of the table and have been stricken with injuries, this problem has seen head coach Giles Heagerty be unable to pick a consistent side.  

“I think we have managed well and we have got a good balance at the moment, the lineouts we have just recently changed again and brought in a new structure because we feel that suited our style because of the injuries we have had recently.”

The Blues have only once been able to play the same squad two weeks in a row and have struggled to pick up points.

“I honestly don’t think it’s the level I don’t think it’s the preparation and I don’t think it’s the coaching, 95% of it is the unfortunate luck we have had with injuries. If you think about key injuries and key players Dean Williams has been out, Tom Mantell will not play a game this season, I have been out, Chris Jones has. The backs are functioning really well but the forwards; if you take out four or five forwards who are probably 20 stone over the players who are coming in for them and have an extra five years’ experience in national one then there is always going to be a massive difference and that is the struggle in my eyes.”

The player/coach feels confident coming into the second half of the season and believes the young team will only improve.

“The young squad with the key players coming back in we will go on to achieve stuff, we’ve got the style of play and the patterns of play in process, we know what we are doing. We have played everyone in the league once so in terms of going forward, we will just keep on growing and improving as a team and we have a huge bunch of talent it’s just trying to get the most out of them in certain situations.”


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