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The Sarnia Saints – 2015 Rugby in Canada Guest Coach/Player Program

The Opportunity:

The Sarnia Rugby Club offers a chance for male or female rugby enthusiasts to spend a summer in Canada playing & coaching rugby. The Sarnia Saints field 2 Men’s & a Women’s team as well as u18 girls & boys teams. The club also assists with local High School programs in late Spring & early Summer. The Sarnia Club is widely (wildly) known as the best social club in the Province of Ontario.

The Sarnia Rugby Club offers:


  • We cover a percentage of your flight which is prorated depending on your length of stay to a max of 90%
  • Ground transportation to & from airport
  • Toronto-Ontario & Detroit-Michigan are nearby International Airports


  • The club will arrange for suitable accommodations; secure & clean, bedroom, kitchen, washroom & laundry facilities

Rugby Costs:

  • The club will cover the cost of club fees, Rugby Canada registration (this includes rugby related catastrophic medical insurance) & travel costs to away games

What is expected by the Sarnia Rugby Club?

Expenses not covered by the club:

  • Food & drink
  • Boots & shorts
  • Medical Travel Insurance


  • Guests must be available to train and play with the club while they are guests
  • Guests will have plenty of opportunity to work & have excursions
  • Guests must make themselves available to assist in coaching
  • This depends on a combination of your abilities & the clubs’ needs
  • Guests must be available to assist the club in some other volunteer/community roles
  • Guests are asked to act as “Good Will Ambassadors” on occasion

What Next?

Apply by emailing the following:

  • CV & or a resume including
  • Playing experience & positions played
  • Coaching experience
  • Vital statistics, height, weight, age etc
  • Possible arrival & departure dates
  • Be prepared to have a teleconference or possibly a meeting on Skype
  • Prepare a list of references & or letters of reference
  • We will not need these until we have created a short list

Do your Homework:

Find out more about Sarnia & the Sarnia Saints Rugby Club at:



How much spending money will a guest need?

  • This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on your eating & drinking habits. Plan on perhaps $100 – $200 Canadian per week.
  • Can a guest get a job while in Canada?
  • Yes. However, there is one option that is easy & legal
  • To work legally a guest can apply for a travel / work visa. This costs ~$300Can$ and is obtained via a Canadian High Commission or Consular Office (see link below). These are good for 1 year but there are limits of how many are issued.
  • In the past some of our imports have done odd jobs around the city to earn a little extra spending money.
  • The options are to our guests. A thing to keep in mind is the club will make every effort to assist in a job search but it will make no guarantees. The harder a guest works at finding work, the more work they may find.


Thanks for your interest in the Sarnia Rugby Club 2015 Opportunity.
Please send your questions & expressions of interest to:


We don't quite believe it either! What a whirlwind of a match! 🔥🌪️ #HeinekenChampionsCup

test Twitter Media - We don't quite believe it either! What a whirlwind of a match! 🔥🌪️ 

test Twitter Media - We don't quite believe it either! What a whirlwind of a match! 🔥🌪️ 

test Twitter Media - We don't quite believe it either! What a whirlwind of a match! 🔥🌪️ 

test Twitter Media - We don't quite believe it either! What a whirlwind of a match! 🔥🌪️ 


"You can argue one way or the other of those areas so they are what they are..." @CastresRugby's Defence Coach Joe Worsley is disappointed as a hard earnt win is snatched away in the last seconds. "We're gutted not to be continuing this tournament" 😪 #HeinekenChampionsCup

"The belief when you're in that dressing room with those players is something else, they just don't know when they're beaten!" @Harlequins Defence Coach Jerry Flannery is full of praise for his squad, stepping up against a relentless Castres side 👊 #HeinekenChampionsCup

"When things aren't going our way it's just important that we stay in the fight" 💪 Sage words from @Harlequins eight Alex Dombrandt who put on a true Man of the Match performance, scoring the winning try in a remarkable game 👏 #HeinekenChampionsCup

ALEX DOMBRANDT HAS WON IT RIGHT AT THE END! 😳 With the clock in the red, Castres thought they had won it with a turnover. Instead, Domrandt's quick penalty and try is given! It's the familiar story, @Harlequins win in the dying seconds 😌 #HeinekenChampionsCup

Ben Botica that kick was perfect!! 😍 @CastresRugby break out of the scrum with quick hands and Ben Botica drops a pin-point cross-field kick straight into the hands of Filipo Nakosi for the bonus point try 🙌 What. A. game! 🥵 #HeinekenChampionsCup