Planning Application

Macclesfield Rugby Club, Priory Park

16/6237M – Planning application for the demolition of existing clubhouse, erection of new clubhouse, laying out of new pitches and residential development of 76 dwellings

The Club are pleased to announce that a planning application has been made by the Club and Jones Homes to significantly upgrade the facilities and ensure a sustainable future for the Club via the development of the land fronting Priory Lane for housing. The submitted application has been prepared taking into account the extensive consultation that has been carried out with the membership, local residents and stakeholders as well as Cheshire East Council.

The hard work starts now as without planning permission we will not be able to move these proposals forward and without these proposals we consider the Club’s future to remain uncertain. Whilst we consider the proposals are fully justified and address all the relevant matters in planning terms it remains the case that the club is in the Green Belt and therefore the Council need to be convinced of the Very special Circumstances in this case to permit development. Our consultant’s Emery Planning, Club Design and partners, Jones Homes, have set out a strong case but that can only be added to by what we hope will be extensive support from our club members, the wider sporting community and residents of Macclesfield who can also benefit from these proposals.

With that in mind we would ask you to follow this link to the application on CEC’s website and express your support for the proposals:

The website contains the submitted documents and plans giving the details of our proposals. A set of the submitted proposals will also be on display in the Club along with the relevant contact details to express your support.

Alternatively, you can write to or e-mail the planning officer to set out your support for the application. The relevant application and contact details are set out below:

Application reference:
16/6237M – demolition of existing clubhouse, erection of new clubhouse, laying out of new pitches and residential development of 76 dwellings at Priory Park, Priory Lane, Macclesfield, SK10 4AE

Planning Officer:
Natalie Wise-Ford

Contact address:
Development Management

Cheshire East Council
PO Box 606
Municipal Buildings

Contact e-mail:

We consider that the following are key points in support of our application:

  • The current facilities are in urgent need of upgrade to provide a sustainable future for the club, which in absence of the value released by these proposals is not in a position to make this investment;
  • a new, modern clubhouse with sufficient changing rooms to allow men, women and different age groups to use the facilities at the same time;
  • the new clubhouse would also provide a modern members’ lounge and clubroom,  which could be let out for conference and function purposes. There would also be a modern, commercial catering kitchen;
  • the main pitch would be replaced with a new dual accreditation (IRB22 and FIFA 2 Star) Floodlit Third Generation Artificial Grass Pitch (3G AGP). It would be used for senior first XV league rugby at weekends in addition to training and use for senior and junior teams for both rugby and football. It would be offered for hire to the local community and host football leagues during the week;
  • in addition to the new main pitch, the drainage across the site would be improved to allow for 7 other pitches to be laid out and the existing AGP would be refurbished;
  • the proposals retain a sports club at the heart of the community and retain the open character of the vast majority of the site and deliver much needed residential development in character with the surrounding area. Importantly, this residential development is directly related to the improved sports facilities and securing the future of the club; and
  • in summary, the proposals represent an outstanding opportunity to provide first class facilities that will benefit both the club and community and grow the club for the future.
    We cannot stress strongly enough how much we need and would value your support but this needs to be done as soon as possible. Your representation needs to be with the Council by 2nd March 2017.

We will provide further updates on the progress of the application in future newsletters.  A copy of this information is also available via Emery Planning’s website at

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