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The Spiral Lounge is now Open!

As most of you have seen and heard, there have been many dramatic changes to the main clubhouse. We would just like to make note of all the volunteers who have given their time and hard-working efforts to make this possible. Though we are not there just yet, we are on our way to having a fantastic new Spiral Lounge.

Changes in the new Spiral Lounge

We knocked out the bar and president’s suite to make way for the new Spiral Lounge. This is now a new space for players, fans and guests to enjoy together. Having this space also allows more flexibility over the use of what used to be the “main bar”.

Sam Moss kindly volunteered his time and skills to build a storeroom and convert the small bar into a main bar for the club. Over the 2nd and 3rd February, we received, even more, helping hands. From painting, sanding and prepping, to replacing lights and adding the final touches, we now have space for you to celebrate our players and club! There is still more to be done, but we are very impressed with our achievements so far.

Words from the Chairman:

“Following on from Cheshire East’s failure to see the benefits a new clubhouse and facilities would bring to the community by refusing our planning application, it became apparent that we were in desperate need of improving our facilities to increase usage, and therefore revenue.

“Past President Clive Hammond asked a few members of the club to donate money in order that any works could be financed without putting the club back in the red. I`m pleased to say that 9 members have stepped up to the plate and donated almost £8,000 to the cause – a fantastic response from such a small group. At around the same time, James Jennings – coach in the M.J. section – set up a team of volunteers to lend their time and efforts to improve the facilities at Macc. Our Commercial Manager, Dan Ackerley then approached a number of sponsors and local businesses, asking for assistance in providing building materials, and we were up and running.

“Jim Curtis and Louis Smith have done a very compressive study on the running of the bars and have produced an extremely interesting report for the Executive Committee to digest. Jim and Louis also approached Holts Brewery to ask what they could do for us and I’m pleased to say, they have agreed to revamp the beer cellar, pumps, pipes, coolers and bars so we can have state of the art bars serving quality beer.

“We have knocked down the wall between the 2 small lounges, built a storage area (tables, chairs etc.), decorated, redone the bar in the former Presidents Suite, removed redundant radiators, put down new flooring, repaired lighting in Gents, and generally tidied the place up. There are a few things which will be done over the next week or two such as new patio doors from the lounge to the balcony, continuation of the flooring into the remainder of the new bar area, hanging of doors between main clubhouse and bar area, new lighting, hanging club shirts and memorabilia, painting, plastering etc. so if you can help over the next few weeks, please let either James Jennings or myself know – or check out the club`s web page.

“All this has now just about come together and the fruition of many hours of hard work from the clubs members is there for everyone to see and enjoy, with the bars now being open for business. However, this is just the start as we desperately need to improve the toilet facilities, changing rooms & heating system together with all-important disabled access to the upstairs areas – and that`s just for starters!

“With that in mind, I would urge you to see what you can donate to ensure this project is completed, and I can assure you that all money donated will be ring-fenced to fund the improvements. It’s vitally important that those people who have put in the effort and donated money are recognised. There are many but I`m sure you’ll forgive me for the lengthy list once you realise what they have achieved. As there was no record kept of the volunteers, the list is from the memory of one or two people and therefore, we are likely to have missed a few off. Please accept my apologies if you should be mentioned but aren’t – you know who you are, and more importantly, you know we appreciate your efforts.

 -Pete Harper

Thanks to our Volunteers

  • Andy Appleyard – Project Manager
  • James Jennings – Volunteer Project Management
  • Sam Moss – Joinery
  • Julia Maxton-Close – Club Stalwart
  • Paul Byrne – U11 Parent
  • John Brierley – Ladders and Planks
  • Duncan Haddock – U11 Parent
  • Steve Witney Spooner – U11 Parent
  • Dave Notley – Fan and Supporter
  • Chris Simpson – Electrician and U11 Parent
  • Cheeky Walker – Former player, club stalwart
  • Pete Harper – Club Chairman
  • Phil Mason – Mini and Junior Chairman
  • Stephen ‘Chaos’ Branch – Club Secretary
  • John Webster – Club President
  • Dave Mairs – Club stalwart
  • Tom Moreton – club XV Captain
  • Frankie Barker – 1st XV Player
  • Louis Smith – club stalwart
  • Jim Curtis – club stalwart
  • Barry the Pie – BBQ
  • Maggie the Brew – BBQ
  • Andy McLean – plumbing
  • Hayley Marshall – Ladies Team
  • Amy Wilkie – Ladies Team
  • Becca Belle – Ladies Team
  • Jodie Styles – Ladies Team
  • Pip Gregory – Ladies Team
  • Laura Dove – Ladies Team
  • Ange Aggersbury – Ladies Team
  • Mary Thorpe – Ladies Team
  • Erin Jennings

Special thanks to:

  • Spiral Print
  • Country Carpets
  • MKM
  • Joseph Holts Brewery

We would like to thank these companies for their sponsorship and materials for the project.



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We're excited to see these launched around Stade Vélodrome on Friday and Saturday! 🤩 #HeinekenChampionsCup | #ChallengeCupRugby

test Twitter Media - We're excited to see these launched around Stade Vélodrome on Friday and Saturday! 🤩

#HeinekenChampionsCup | #ChallengeCupRugby
test Twitter Media - We're excited to see these launched around Stade Vélodrome on Friday and Saturday! 🤩

#HeinekenChampionsCup | #ChallengeCupRugby

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test Twitter Media - The way we see it, any Saturday *not* including a Super Rugby quadruple-header is a wasted opportunity... 🥰

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