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Rugby World Cup Final – Saturday 2nd November

ENG v RSA, 9 am kick-off

Join us in supporting England as they fight to win at the RWC 2019!

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Clubman – Both All Blacks and Blackburn beaten!

After Saturday’s amazing result from Yokohama, when England overpowered the All Blacks to get through to the final of the World Cup, other events seemed slightly lower key. All rugby people feel that New Zealand have always been the side to be measured against, so for England to win with such conviction will be an inspiration for many…

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Blackburn 20 – 23 Macclesfield

On Saturday, Macclesfield took on Blackburn, which proved to be a bruising but highly entertaining fixture. This had been Macc’s second away fixture in a row and with a bye following next weekend, the fixture was a must-win to keep momentum. Very fortunately, Macc picked up the victory, courtesy of a try after the 80th minute, leaving the final score Macclesfield 23 – 20 Blackburn.

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Featured Sponsor – Fabric IT

This week’s featured sponsor is Fabric IT

Fabric IT works with businesses to offer IT support in Manchester and aim to resolve any problems to ensure your business is efficient and profitable. Working closely with customers, Fabric IT helps to identify and resolve IT issues and integrate new IT systems.

We are very grateful to have Fabric IT as a Macc sponsor and we hope to continue our journey with them over the upcoming years.


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