Emergency Appeal & Update from the Chairman

New Reduced Target of £30,000


Dear All,


Huge thanks, to every individual, group, and business that has contributed, in whatever way, to the appeal to save our Club. With your fantastic support, in the last week, and the actions we have been able to take to reduce the costs and liabilities of the Club, and also gaining a clearer picture of the other support that might be available from other sources, it is fair to say that the Club has its head above the waterline. BUT it is not yet out of danger and we would encourage everyone, who can, to support the fund.


Donations to the fund: £19,899

(These include: One off donations; Blue Tile purchases; Direct Debits; Ticket purchases donated; Bar Stock Sale.)


Further immediate actions by the Club: £22,823

(These include: Deferred VAT payment; Business rates holiday; Job retention scheme; Ticket purchases carried forward.)


Personal loan: £10,000

(Interest free- time limited)


Our New Target is: £30,000 = (£10,101 to go)


We are hoping that the season will start again in September and that our commercial operations will also be able to kick-off at around that time. Our financial forecast remains to establish ‘business as usual’ with subscriptions being paid from July to 6th September, a little earlier than usual, to help our cash position at that time. Please look out for more information on membership and payments – for next season!


The Crisis Fund will be drawn from, only when necessary, to protect the Club as the crisis unfolds and the official advice changes. The future remains uncertain and, to an extent unknown and our aim must be to be flexible, remain solvent and to prepare and plan to be in the best possible situation for resumption of all activities on and off the field. Any surplus in the fund, when the crisis is over and we have assessed the situation, will go back to those who have contributed and the details will be published at the time.


We, as The Macclesfield Rugby Club family, have made a great effort in the first week of our campaign to guarantee the future of The Club.


Please, please, if you can help us achieve the £10,101 and hit the new target of £30,000

please do it now! DONATE HERE


Stephen Branch, Chairman, MRUFC

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