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Save our Rugby Club

An Emergency Appeal from the Chairman

“Save our Rugby Club”


Dear All,

First of all, the Covid-19 pandemic will pass and, with your help, our rugby club will survive and be in a position to continue serving the rugby and wider community for years to come. Without your help we are in serious trouble!

In its wake the pandemic will leave behind a heavy human and economic cost. The human cost can be mitigated by each of us following the official advice. Everyone will have their own view and opinion on the virus and the advice; however, we have to believe that the authorities are being guided, by the best scientific minds in the country, and in some cases, the world.

My first plea therefore, is that everyone follows the official advice and encourages others to do the same. It might save your life or that of someone close to you or another member of the general public. Also, by slowing down and helping reduce the infection rate you are directly helping the NHS, emergency services and other key workers hugely in their fight to beat the virus and to minimise the human and economic costs. It will pass but, in the meantime, let’s all follow the rules.

The economic cost is huge, and worldwide, and Macclesfield Rugby Club, our rugby family, faces the biggest challenge in its 146-year history – that for survival; to ensure it remains to serve the present and future generations of rugby players and supporters across our community. To survive and recover, so that we are ready to resume all activities on and off the pitch, as and when the time comes. Quite frankly, the loss of the Rugby Club to its members and to the wider community is unthinkable and unacceptable and we must make sure it does not happen.

As I write I am mindful that many members, families and others associated with the Rugby Club, including supporters, are also affected by the pandemic at a human and financial level. I fully understand that every individual and business must do what has to be done in order to protect your own situation, under difficult circumstances, and that individual circumstances will be different. I can make no apology now for appealing directly to all of you, who are in a position to do so, to offer financial support, however small or large, to our Rugby Club through this crisis, and a little beyond.

Macclesfield Rugby Club is owned by the membership and managed by the executive team, which I am proud to Chair, on behalf of the members. Up until the crisis the Club, with the help of many individuals and businesses, was solvent, and making significant improvements. We were just launching Priory Park Venues as our commercial arm and were soon to be in a position to build-up some cash reserves. Sadly, that has changed and our financial position is precarious. All rugby and rugby related activities have ceased and the season has been abandoned. All commercial activity has stopped and the Club is effectively closed for the foreseeable future.

The result is that we have no income, other than some residual direct debits and hire charges, but we do still have some costs, despite having reduced any expenditure to that which we are liable to pay. Without any financial support our Rugby Club needs £12k per month to meet its obligations, that’s a target of £60,000. Every avenue of support that we are eligible for we will pursue and take advantage of, in order to reduce this liability but our worst case is that we need to generate £12k per month, on our own, for the foreseeable future. We will be looking at loans etc. but the Club cannot afford to take on debt that it may not be able to pay back at some future date. The effect on the balance sheet without this financial support will be that our Club will run out of money to meet its liabilities at the end of April 2020! Only some 6 weeks away.

‘Cash is King’ and the immediate need is to bring cash in to the Club so that we can meet our liabilities until we are once again ‘open-for-business’ and in a position to assess the future situation. I recognise that for a period after the crisis many individuals and businesses will not be as financially robust as they were before and that the Club’s income may be reduced for a while.

My second plea to every member, family, relation, friend, sponsor, supporter, supplier and anyone associated with our great community rugby club is to please look at the initiatives below and identify how you might be able to support your Rugby Club financially for the foreseeable future. Every amount by whatever means is really needed whether it is £1 or £10 or £100 or £1,000 or more.

All cash collected will be held in a separate ‘crisis fund’ and drawn down as needed. The Fund will be managed by our Financial Director and money will only be withdrawn where absolutely necessary i.e. to prevent the Club defaulting on its commitments. Once the crisis is over, we can review the situation and where reasonable and practicable look at how we can gift any surplus money back to members.

We are a member’s club and whilst we will take full advantage of whatever external support is available to us, it is up to us collectively to help ourselves and to secure the future of our Rugby Club for all present and future generations.

Whatever you can……. Now is the time

“Save our rugby club”



  1. SET UP A DIRECT DEBIT (It could be what you would normally spend at the Club every week/month)
  3. BUY A BLUE TILE IN THE FOYER (from £150) Limited numbers

Stephen Branch, Chairman, MRUFC


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