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A very moving poem, written & presented by a past Club Captain – John Robinson

Please see an very moving and powerful message to others in this poem. 

The poem was written & presented  by the incredible John Robinson, a past captain of the club.

To view John reading his inspirational work please click here


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While at home in isolation

I had the time to pause

And remember those who gave their lives

For our country in the wars


These heroes we remember

For the sacrifice they made

Many young lives laid to rest

In a military grave


But now we face a different threat

From a silent enemy

It’s a virus that kills thousands

A foe we cannot see


And once again the call goes out

A call to arms, to fight

But in care homes and in hospitals

Through morning, noon and night


National finances are worrying

There’s concern about recession

But spare a thought for all who work

In the medical profession


Each day they do their level best

Their patient’s pain to ease

But this puts them in close contact

With this murderous disease


Their bravery’s exceptional

Their drive and dedication

And many of them have lost their lives

In the service of our nation


Maybe, that on Remembrance Day

It really would be nice

To remember too,the medical staff

Who through “Covid lost their life


For those who gave their lives for us

Their names should be recorded

And a medal for bravery should be struck

And posthumously awarded


It will surely change the way we live

For once this virus came

I’m sure the way we lead our lives

Will never be the same



We watch “the news” each evening

And one can only stare

As we see the cities of the world

And all the streets are bare


In France we see the Eiffel Tower

A structure of great height

Normally thronged by heavy crowds

Now there’s nobody in sight.


In Rome at the ancient monuments

There would always be a queue

But now you  see the “ Colosseum”

With nobody in view


Our daily bulletin on “TV”

By ministers, well intentioned

Just report the daily numbers dead

And Brexit? Never mentioned


 Then at a stroke our churches closed

Everywhere across the nation

It seemed the Corona Virus

Had put God in isolation


But true believers will not fret

For although they’re kept apart

The church is just a meeting place

As God lies in their heart


It has surely made us realise

The enormous satisfaction

And warmth that’s brought into our lives

By social interaction


I’m sure that many of you’ll have lost

A colleague or close friend

And restrictions at the funeral meant

That you could not attend.


It makes us feel quite empty

As we really feel we ought

To be there at their passing

To give their loved ones our support


“We’ll hold a remembrance service”

Is  often  said amid the tears

But the numbers that have passed away

We’d be holding them for years


There have been some lighter moments though

When “Trump” began to preach

Suggesting “the virus” might be killed

By injecting folk with bleach!!


With the wonders of  technology

From the confines of our room

We  can still make contact face to face

By “Whats App ,Skype and Zoom


Now we realise it’s not the same

It’s the tactile side we miss

To greet our families and friends

With handshake ,hug or kiss


It looks as though a staged return

Will be the way ahead

But older folk may be confined

For many months ahead.


The precaution that you wear a mask

May be essential for each worker

Yet we found it unacceptable

When some people wore the “Burka”


But life goes on, we must adapt

And bear it with a grin

We must show our “bulldog spirit”

The Virus must not win


John Robinson 


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