UPDATE – AGM/FAGM 2020 – Key Reports & Agenda

The MRUFC AGM/FAGM was scheduled for this coming Tuesday 29th September at 7pm.  Due to the change in the COVID-19 regulations, and to better protect members, the Executive Committee has decided that this meeting should now be conducted as a virtual meeting on ZOOM, but with a limited number of 20 places for members who wish to attend in person, in compliance with Covid-19 regulations and social distancing. The 20 places will be available to be booked in advance through the MRUFC club website on a “first come first served” basis.


To allow time for the technical arrangements to be made, and to give the required two weeks notice of the meeting, the meeting has now been put back until Wednesday 14th October at 7pm.

All the ZOOM meeting joining details will be published in advance of the meeting to allow members to join the virtual meeting on the 14th October.

The key reports to be presented at the meeting from the following members of the Committee are available below to allow members to review them in advance of the meeting itself.

If after reviewing any of the Reports any member wishes to raise any questions for the Committee please email them to the Secretary, Bob Cooke chevalliercooke@gmail.com and they will be referred to the appropriate Committee member.


Notice of Annual General Meeting & Financial AGM 2020

Wednesday 14th October 2020 at 7.00pm, Priory Park

This is formal advice, that in accordance with the current Rules of Macclesfield R.U.F.C. Ltd., the Annual General Meeting and the Financial AGM of the Club will both take place virtually and at the Clubhouse, Priory Park, on Wednesday 14th October at 7.00 p.m.


  1. Introduction and welcome to members present Stephen Branch
  2. Remembrance of members deceased this year Peter Harper
  3. Approval of minutes of AGM held 30th May 2019 Stephen Branch
  4. Chairman’s Report – Stephen Branch
  5. Finance Report – Peter White
    1. Approval of minutes of FAGM held 26th September 2019
    2. To receive and approve a financial statement for the preceding Financial Year ending 30th June 2020
    3. Financial Director to respond to questions from Members, with permission from Chairman
  6. Director of Rugby Report – Tom Davenport
    1. 1st XV
    2. 2nd XV                                                                                    
    3. 3rd XV
    4. 4th XV
    5. Ladies Rugby                                    
    6. Mini and Junior Rugby
    7. Youth Rugby
  7. Election of Executive Committee[1] and 2nd, 3rd and 4th XV captains Stephen Branch
  8. Confirmation of election of honorary members
  9. Any other business


  • Only full members of the club (appropriate subscription paid for the 2019 – 2020 season) are entitled to vote on matters considered at the AGM.
  • Nominations (with a second) for Executive Officer positions and team captains should be received in writing by the secretary (Bob Cooke – chevalliercooke@gmail.com) in accordance with the rules of the club by 28th August 2020.
  • Members should forward questions in writing to the secretary at least 48 hours before the meeting.
  • The minutes from the 2019 meetings are included with this notice.

[1] The current positions and incumbents on the Executive Committee are: Chairman – Stephen Branch, Director of Finance – Peter White, Secretary – Bob Cooke, Chairman Mini/Junior section – Phil Mason, Rugby Director – Tom Davenport


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