Pinderella loses her Cherry case

Following a break of many more seasons than some felt necessary the club saw the return of a favorite of yesteryear, a pantomime production, in this case it was the first edition of “Pinderella” produced by the Harts. Enthusiastic audiences cheered Oscar worthy performances from the leading players, David Whatmuff and Adrian Lamb. This enthusiasm was curtailed somewhat by news that the club had been found guilty of breaking Gaming Law in respect to their raffle of the Datsun Cherry earlier in the season. The court accepted the innocence of the Club but said ignorance is no excuse. The Datsun Cherry (a car) was donated by Isherwoods as a raffle prize, proceeds to go to the Clubhouse Building fund os the loss of the court case was sad on two counts.

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If there is one player you want for #LeCrunch it is @MarliePacker 💪 💬 Physicality at the breakdown will be imperative against France and amongst other things that’s what Marlie gives you." Hear what Simon Middleton had to say on the return of Marlie ⏬

1-1 🤝 Looking forward to the next round ⚽🏉🏀…

This match still hits different

test Twitter Media - This match still hits different

15. _____ ? 14. @Cheslin_Kolbe11 13. _____ ? 12. @Doogz 11. _____ ? 10. _____ ? 9. @fafdeklerk 🇿🇦 @BryanHabana pieces together his @Springboks team to play @lionsofficial 🧩 #TheWrap

Here’s a direct link to the latest pod with our S & C Coach Jay Curtis from @5sfitness and…

test Twitter Media - Here’s a direct link to the latest pod with our S & C Coach Jay Curtis from @5sfitness and

Do you know a volunteer who deserves recognition? You can nominate them now for the Mitsubishi Motors Volunteer of the Year award 🏆 Follow the link below ⤵️