Paul Davenport

Pianist (in training) Climbing Anything Motorsport

Andrew Sheridan

Strong, accountable, carrier.

Steak rare, Dauphinoise potatoes and Collard greens

Ray Mears, clearly knows how to eat well in a survival situation, less annoying than Bear Grylls.

Rory McCann

Sam Broster, I always wanted to be fast.

Still playing at my childhood club.

Parents, kept me playing as a child.


The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he cannot are both correct.

Get my fitness level up, stay injury free and play every week.

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If you watch one thing today make it this @Hanbotts solo 😂 #WearTheRose @o2sports

👕 @LFRFC ➡️ @EnglandRugby A journey from grassroots to the very top, told through @EmilyScarratt's rather impressive rugby jersey collection #JerseyTales

If there is one player you want for #LeCrunch it is @MarliePacker 💪 💬 Physicality at the breakdown will be imperative against France and amongst other things that’s what Marlie gives you." Hear what Simon Middleton had to say on the return of Marlie ⏬

1-1 🤝 Looking forward to the next round ⚽🏉🏀…

This match still hits different

test Twitter Media - This match still hits different