Spire Regency Hospital


Most peoples’ images of private hospital care conjures up a sunny room with en-suite facilities all to yourself, smiling nurses in pristine uniforms, TV’s on the wall and great food.  Well, that is exactly what you can expect at the Spire Regency in Macclesfield and much more.

It’s in the detail of your care

You will gain fast access to specialist head to toe care from vision correction to foot and ankle surgery and usually within 24-48 hours. The specialists, consultants and nurses providing your treatment and care all meet with high levels of qualification and experience.

The first thing you notice when you book into the Spire Regency is the time.  The time that staff have to make you feel welcome and at home. The time that nurses have to talk to you personally about your case. The time that the specialist will take to talk to you after your treatment.

You will be greeted by a porter or nurse who will take you to your room to settle in.  Once there, you’ll find the kind of comforts you’d usually associate with a stay in a hotel.  All rooms have a TV and ensuite bathroom with shower, so no traipsing down a corridor with your hospital gown flapping behind you.  You are free to use your mobile phone in your room, in fact many patients distract themselves with free Wi-Fi on their laptops and smartphones. Visiting times are more relaxed to fit in with busy schedules too.

During your stay it’s common to have one nurse who looks after your case.  That may sound like a small thing but it can be hugely reassuring to know there’s someone there whose job it is to talk when you need to chat things over.  They’ll look after your regular checks, give you medication and make sure any pain or discomfort is taken care of quickly.

Do you really get seen faster and are the waiting times much shorter?

The Spire Regency offer fast appointments and access to consultants of your choice.  They don’t have an accident and emergency department and therefore do not have to manage patients unannounced.  Although, they do offer a Rapid Access Clinic for joints and bones, this service is available for pre-booked appointments only (this is not a walk-in service) for conditions such as broken bones, fractures, sprains and strains, sports injuries, muscle damage and other musculoskeletal injuries.

Normal waiting times in general are much shorter and it means you’ll spend less time waiting for your first appointment, waiting for treatment or just waiting to be seen once you arrive.  This is predominantly the main reason people choose private medical care – especially for people who don’t want to worry about what happens about work or childcare if the fall ill.

Of course, there are some waiting areas, but even these are pretty much what you’d expect from a hotel lounge. They offer free hot drinks and have up to date magazines and newspapers to read.  They are quiet, comfortable and as far as you can expect in a hospital – relaxing.

Going private at The Spire Regency – how it works

If your GP refers you for a consultation or treatment and you have private medical care insurance then let them know. All doctors are used to dealing with patients who have private cover and they will either recommend a consultant or refer you for the type of treatment you need.

After a quick phone conversation with your insurance provider to let them know about the planned treatment and confirm cover, you can get your appointment in the diary.

If you don’t have private medical insurance and want to pay for your own treatment then our Spire self-pay option will be the answer.

Before you know it, you’ll be seeing a consultant or getting your treatment. And then probably enjoying a nice lunch, watching TV, catching up on Twitter or chatting to your nurse – all in private comfort.  It’s worth taking a look to see what private healthcare could offer you at The Spire Regency Macclesfield.

If you would like to arrange a tour of the hospital or to discuss any aspect further then please call or email Emma John, Business Development Manager 01625

MySpire Corporate benefits

To help you look after your most valued asset, your people, we’ve launched a new member benefits scheme where employers can reward their workforce with discounts on private hospital treatment. It all works with a MySpire corporate health card.

Any patient that belongs to the MySpire Corporate membership can use their card to gain up to 10% discounts on treatment, if choosing to pay for them self. And to help them receive their treatment they can enjoy free transport if required. 


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