LKDN2.0 Rugby Challenge

Try to complete the following challenges whilst we are away from the club.

Keep your own score, be honest and there will be a prize for the highest score when we next get to train!

Complete the “10 Rugby Handling Skills” Session  5 points per day you complete the session   Create & Film a new try celebration (upload to TikTok optional) 5 points
Complete the “10 Rugby Pass & Catch Skills”  Session #1-6 5 points per day you complete the session   Write down your top 3 strengths as a player and the 3 things you’d like to improve 10 points
Clean your boots 5 points + cleanest boots at next training get bonus 5 points   Out and About Walk/Run/Scoot = 2 points per Km
 Cycle = 1 point per Km
Make a Rugby Playlist 5 points



5 points per day you complete a session.
Try to do as many of each exercise as you can to start. remember or write down how many you achieved, Then next time try to beat that record

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